The High Villagers

(which is the probably worst translation of the „hohen dorfer”).
A friend called them as “lousy stinky marauding pack of musicians”.

This description obviously fits best. We do not do the charts of “The best of the last three decades”, but of the last three centuries. Actually, if you feed Trudi with half a litre of beer, he sings half an hour for you. Just for you. It does not matter, what you celebrate, the birth of your 12th daughter (and still not a son) , the 98th birthday of your mother in law or simply your third attempt to open a bottle of vintage red wine without breaking the cork.
However, we perform handmade music and we love to play for people who love to sing. We do play the (accordion), acoustic guitar and the “grandmother” (acoustic bass). We do play, as in the old days before the invention of electricity, but certainly (and only if needed for bigger audiences) we do already have a kind of amplifier (wireless microphones, instrument pickups etc.). Means, if we use the advantages of the modern times, you probably should not even recognize it.

We love to play the roots of German songs. These are traditional songs of the happy life of the German craftsman, betraying wives, and all kinds of work-shy riffraff, all kinds of animals and for sure all traditional German Christmas songs like “Stille Nacht”.
Our repertoire consists of slightly bold or cheerful flippant Songs of the German Folksong Repertoire of the last four centuries. The recipe for our music is: One takes three till five trowels traditional songs out of the pot of folksong folklore high spirit ballad with a lacing of disrespect adding a hint of subtleness and salaciousness. Also with a kind of charme and wit the whole meal can be served within 1,5 till four hours.
As our experience has shown it results in a delicious and digestible meal, which affects plesently the mood and groove, especially of course at the Oktoberfest. Risks and adverse effects: a high consume can lead in sore throat, trouble with the voice and sweating. Occassionally it also causes a kind of addiction.